Thursday, April 9, 2009


It has been a few months since the last update, but what the heck, here we go.

I really don't know what i have done all winter besides play hockey, work, get tattoos, go to rock concerts and get drunk.

I played on 2 travel hockey teams, Waterloo and Mason City. Then when it came down to the year end tournament, I played for both. My Mason City team lost all 3 games (amazing) and my Waterloo team won the tournament (YAY)!! Now the season is over so I am trying to do other things to keep me busy.

I also bought a 1993 Mazda truck in December. This was a trip that I would love to never repeat. It started with purchasing this truck off of eBay from a guy in Litchfield, MN. I was then told by my boss that i was supposed to deliver a 2005 Corvette to Moorhead, MN. I then had a light bulb pop out the top of my head and figured I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and deliver the Vette and pick up my truck on the way home.
My work gave me a 2005 Escalade EXT (the Avalanche looking thing) and i borrowed a car trailer from a friend. This simple 14 hour round trip started in the middle of an upper Midwest snow storm on December 22nd. It took the normal 2 hours to get to Austin, MN, but another 3 to get to the Twin Cities. All together, it took almost 12 hours just to DELIVER the Vette, not to mention, I still needed to come back down to Litchfield to pick up my new truck.
All said and done, it was 19 hours of driving, 1 night in a hotel, 63 cars in the ditches, and $500 spent on a truck. Plus, I didn't pay for any fuel, hotel, or food! I lucked out by helping my amazing employer, Community Auto Group.

I also turned 26 on April 1st and went to a concert at Spicoli's in Waterloo. It was some heavy metal that every ones parents warn them about, Exodus, Warbringer, etc etc.
So, I have mostly been focusing on fixing up my new project (93 Mazda) and have put quite a bit of time and money into it. Pics will be up soon.

Also, for the last note, I have been accepted to Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, AZ. (thumbs up) I start on November 23rd, and we (Carlie and me) will be trying to settle down out there by the end of October. It is a 60 week program which is a 36 core program and I also added 2, 12 week programs which are Suzuki and Yamaha specified courses. Carlie is also transferring to ASU to major in business. We have been together for 502 days as of April 9, and are very happy. Therefore, we are taking this huge step in our lives together. Wish us luck!

See you all soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spooky Cross

First of all ,WOW! Saturday was pretty awesome, great layout, great participants, phenomenal fans (Andy, Rob and especially Squirrel), plus overall it was totally fun! Downhill barriers are pretty awesome, by the way, plus a pretty brutally huge run up, for a rook like me! Most everyone else was riding it, but oh well.

Sunday on the other hand.............. can we say WINDY! I'M pretty sure we had 50 mph wind gusts, but it ended up being pretty enjoyable with the fans who were out in the cold cheering us on! Again, another great setup, a couple fast sections, the first decent climb was ridable. The second climb was pretty nice too, 3 2x4's during the fist half of the climb, then a little downhill, followed by a nice climb. I was able to do the whole thing during my warm up and first 2 laps, from there on, I was only able to ride the first half and push the second half! I think it was because all the crazy guys yelling and screaming and handing out beef jerky during the first half pushed my legs! Then after the climb, there were a couple wood chip piles to go across, and then back into the open field to get the killer head wind for what felt like 4 miles up a 6% grade, but was really only a couple hundred feet!

All went well and I am pretty sure I racked up 35 OR 40 STYLE POINTS for the wheelies and 7-11 Jerseys, according to Rob and Andy and whomever else that yelled "LETS GO, 7-11!!!"

Thank you for getting the 2nd annual Spooky Cross going and to everyone who helped out with set up and for everyone with their cowbells and energetic yelling!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I don't know if you would call it "busy" or "lazy," but I haven't been out to ride since Cross out Crohns, but yet I still try to race whenever I can! The crohns race was a pretty sweet layout, kinda killer, but that's how cyclocross is supposed to be.

Anyway, we just got back from Devil's Glen and it went really well. I raced CAT 4 beginner and finished 10th overall out of 14 starters, not bad in my mind, especially since I havent even got on a bicycle in 2 weeks.

Gotta go rest, see y'all at Spooky Cross!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


New to all the "blogging scene," figured since Carlos and Blue had it, then I might as well try to be as cool as them.

We went to Capitol Cross this past weekend, my first cross races ever, finished 16th/20 saturday and 20th/26 sunday! Happy with the results, but need to train more!

We will see how it goes this weekend in Newton. It will be pretty busy for me, I am playing in an ice hockey tournament saturday and skipping out on sunday to race. I guess I have been bitten by the bug, so says Blue!

See you all in Newton!