Wednesday, October 1, 2008


New to all the "blogging scene," figured since Carlos and Blue had it, then I might as well try to be as cool as them.

We went to Capitol Cross this past weekend, my first cross races ever, finished 16th/20 saturday and 20th/26 sunday! Happy with the results, but need to train more!

We will see how it goes this weekend in Newton. It will be pretty busy for me, I am playing in an ice hockey tournament saturday and skipping out on sunday to race. I guess I have been bitten by the bug, so says Blue!

See you all in Newton!


bluecolnago said...

the bug bites hard! long live CX~~~

Lily on the Road said...

Welcome to blog land!

Good luck with "the bug", & BTW, love the tatt, that must have taken hours & hours....I opened it up to have a good look, awesome!!!

Striker said...

The Bug. Yep there is no cure for this. You will buy many bikes trying to cure this.

Great Racing! Keep it up it will become natural.